About us - The Dudes

All over TheHappyDudes.com you will find little snippets of positivity. You will find our mission displayed in every nook and cranny. We'd like to take you and dive into why that is.

Who are the Happy Dudes?

Dean and his father Trae have been business partners for nearly 4 years, and best friends for nearly 30 years. It was around 1983 that Trae had perfected the use of "Dude". It's his term of endearment. If you're in his good graces, it's a "Hey, dude." If not, with a sigh it's "Come on, Dude."

He's gone so far as to request that when he has grandkids, he wants to be referred to as "The GrandDude". (needless to say, we have watched ALOT of The Big Lebowski). Trae believes in, and has always endorsed the "dude" lifestyle. Handle what you can control, don't sweat the rest. 

Having grown up with that mindset, Dean has tried to live that concept to its most thorough extent. Love hard, be kind, and let the bad ride, it'll be alright. One way or another. Be thankful for the life we have every day, and be happy that we can make a difference as long as we have breath to breathe.

Dean and Trae are trying to spread the word; Be Happy, There's too many reasons to not be. 


 The Start

We sat down late 2019 to discuss the reality of a project we've talked about starting for years; Screen Printing.

The world as we know it seems to be falling apart as we watch from behind our screens. What's the point of it all? Why even get up in the morning?

"Because, dude. Look at the good! Look at all the shit, look at all the terror and destruction. Now see the flowers growing in the concrete. See the life born each day. It's our responsibility to bring light to the darkness."

We asked ourselves, "What's the one thing nearly everyone has, will buy, and will continue to buy?" We had to think about what medium could help us promote our mission. Then like a ten ton weight, it hit us. Shirts. More specifically, T-shirts. Its what he and I were wearing at that meeting. It's what i've based my style on since the age of 10. T-shirts. We are inundated with messaging we don't consent to day in and day out. What if we got to choose the messaging we put out every day? What if we could put out happiness, everyday? What if everyone could?

These questions sparked a thought, which sparked a hundred thousand thoughts, that all boiled down to one. Spreading happiness and positivity with high quality, hand-crafted T-shirts. 

Thanks for taking a look at our site. We can't wait for you to help us spread the message of positivity. 

Much Love,

The Happy Dudes